artist : Martin Zach 3aX, the cover of the comics, what was a part of the project
animation :
Martin Borský – coordinator for audience
Linda Richterová – professional guarantor of the project
Mathej Thomka - script
Martin 3aX - artist/ illustrator
All senses - sound design, voice over
Kateřina Hausenblasová, Tereza Krsová - animators

A film created for the VISK Educational Institute to open up the topic of cyberbullying among second grade and high school students, under the auspices of Aeroškola (Martin Peroutka)

Illustrations, material for animation from Martin Zach 3aX
animation in AE, by me
Title of the film
keyframes only rough timing
frame by frame animation in CALLIPEG by me, that´s prepare for using in after effects
(animation of the tv moderator in Zuzana´s nightmare)
frame by frame animation of the deviation
rough of the shot with naked Zuzana walking 
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